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ZOmbie wars!

2010-05-28 16:23:35 by TopHatStudios

Good news is the site is finnaly up (

The bad news is the movie might be delayed.

Have fun, and try out the site!

~Top :P

ZOmbie wars!


2010-03-22 16:16:43 by TopHatStudios

Apparently my animation sucks... just ask pretty much anyone who rated it...Ive been trying to make a good animation and i dont know what to improve(everyonewho reveiwed it just says its a peice of crap)
Ive been inspired by many amazing animators(lazy muffin, FutureSquirrel, Marcy+TommyVf, krinkles and many more..) It would be cool if any good animators commented giving me advice(or just someone who likes giving out advice). Thanks!