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2010-03-22 16:16:43 by TopHatStudios

Apparently my animation sucks... just ask pretty much anyone who rated it...Ive been trying to make a good animation and i dont know what to improve(everyonewho reveiwed it just says its a peice of crap)
Ive been inspired by many amazing animators(lazy muffin, FutureSquirrel, Marcy+TommyVf, krinkles and many more..) It would be cool if any good animators commented giving me advice(or just someone who likes giving out advice). Thanks!


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2010-03-24 11:36:52

Your animation is g00d br0.

TopHatStudios responds:

Thx i like ur graffiti :D


2010-04-10 11:00:14

Your animations are good just not funny. try doing a short joke then make some zombie flash. apperantly zombie flashs are good for a long flash, because they require little story line.

TopHatStudios responds:

k thx for the advice :P


2010-04-10 12:46:49

there is a disconnection in the flash portal between the artists and the reviewers. Anyone who doesn't laugh at your hard work can give it a 0, even though they haven't, or even couldn't if they wanted to, make an animation themselves. People who review don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into something, which is why 2-day projects and 2-month projects end up with the same rating. Your animation is good, but you just need to incorporate it in something. This could be anything from a short comedic cartoon, a parody, or even a serious short with an important message. Keep up the good work!


2010-04-15 18:50:27

@coady bros. people have a right to a opinion. sure they can't make animations. its hard. but, its not exaptable to put half ass work on this site, im not saying that top hat does but no one rushes you to make it so take your time to make it good.

TopHatStudios responds:

I agree, and call me Top :D


2010-04-16 12:13:49

ur animation is good...the people that put comments like there crap cant animate 4 crap!

(Updated ) TopHatStudios responds:

Thanks tay, Ive always loved ur animation style :D Oh and i tried to scout you for the art portal! :P


2010-04-17 05:42:13

thanks :3

TopHatStudios responds:

Anything 4 a friend :P


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